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​Meal Planning Tips & Tricks

Does meal planning and prep make your head spin?

First!! Keep it SIMPLE!! You don’t have to make fancy recipes to be healthy and you also don’t have to eat steamed chicken only.

Set aside time each week to make a plan. It can take less than 30 minutes out of your day but trust me you will be so happy you planned ahead.

Think about the week ahead. What do you have going on with sports, schedules, any events. How many meals do you really need to make?

Repeat meals!!!!! I literally eat the same things everyday for breakfast, lunches & snacks. I try to mix up dinner options

Make extra for leftovers for lunches or another dinner night. You can also freeze leftovers for another week.

Food shop and get the ingredients for what you are making for the week.

Start small! Maybe start with meal prepping one meal for each day or just a few snacks and then build on it each week. You will find what works for you the more you do it.

Take 1-2 hours a week to prep some things up. It may seem like a lot but it will save you so much time during the week when things are crazy hectic and you can’t even breathe.

Get storage containers in similar sizes to stack in refrigerator.

You will get better at the more you do it. I was terrible when I first started but got faster and faster and now I can prep so many things at once!!

DON’T GIVE UP!! Everything feels hard at first.

If you’re interested in learning more about meal prep and planning I would be happy to help. I have tons of meal plans & recipes that I share with my group!

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