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How To Make Money Off Affiliate Marketing

Did you know most companies have affiliate programs where you can share about their product and make commission off it? A good commission earning is at least 20% of the sale. Again, this is just for sharing about products you are already using and love! I am partnered with BODi, a health and wellness company, who has natural supplements! Everything from protein meal replacement shakes, pre workout, post workout recover, collagen, and so much more! If you're into health and fitness or want to be, this is a great option for you to share about what you are doing to get your own results! There are 3 ways you can maximize being a BODi affiliate, see the graphic below to see which option would best fit what you want.

Investment $220.

Payout: You earn 25-40% commission off your sales. Payout varies based off the type of affiliate you are, how you want to market yourself, and which products you sell.

Interested in making money off affiliate marketing? Reach out with which type affiliate you'd like to pursue and I'll get you enrolled!

Learn more about the best selling BODi product HERE

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