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How To Make Money Off E-Mail Marketing

The company provides all the emails and all the templates and you need to send them in big groups to their (company’s) lists 10-15 a day which literally takes 10 min/day. You don’t use your email either it is through their system. You can try it out or check it out for 5 days but to do it as a business and get paid, you pay $97 to do so. You get paid $.10/per clicked emailed opened. It is so simple. Again, takes about 5-10 min each day!

After the first week then you can pre schedule all the emails for the week which takes about 60-70 min and I am done for the week.

You also get paid $97 for each referral, so if you shared about this with just 6 friends, you'd make your investment back PLUS $500!

This is how you can make money while you sleep! Want to get started? Just reach out and I'll send you the link to enroll!

Investment: $97

Payout: $.10/per clicked emailed opened + $97 for each referral

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