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About the Two Nutrition Programs

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Is Portion Fix right for me?

If you finally want to achieve real, sustainable weight loss, then look no further than Portion Fix. Portion Fix is for those who are seeking to have control over food instead of food controlling them with a structured, well-balanced and perfectly portioned program without cutting out food groups or starvation, and without taking the fun out of eating. In this video-based program, Super Trainer and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese shows you how to create satisfying meals, swap out processed foods for wholesome ingredients, and break your sugar addiction.

What Do I Get With Portion Fix?

You’ll receive 15+ videos that teach you the principles, tricks and strategies for every step of your weight loss journey, including how to use your containers, and how to plan, prep, and make healthy, delicious meals. You’ll also get tools, including a Daily Logbook, video summaries, daily check-ins, and thought-provoking reflections that help you get the most out of this incredible program. Plus, access to 300+ recipes with the FIXATE® cooking show, FIXATE Vol. 2 Cookbook, and 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids included in this program.

Is 2B Mindset Right For Me?

If losing weight to you means eating tiny tasteless meals followed by beating yourself up for getting “off-track”, then it’s time to ditch diets and start 2B Mindset! Ilana Muhlstein, MS, RDN teaches you 4 proven principles on how you can eat big, satisfying meals and still lose weight! You won’t have to count calories, cut out foods you love, or kill your progress when eating out, on vacation or at a party ever again. If you’re ready to lose the weight for the last time, 2B Mindset is right for you!

What Food Can I Eat With 2B Mindset?

Here’s the secret behind 2B Mindset – there is NO measuring, NO counting calories, and NO cutting food groups. In fact, nothing is off-limits! You’ll still fully enjoy parties, eating out with friends, and enjoying the foods you love. With this program Ilana teaches you what you should eat and why, plus her dozens of delicious recipes makes it easy to stay on track with your weight loss and create healthy habits for life.

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